British Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 Years Old

 Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 Years Old

Elizabeth II dies at 96 Years Old

British Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 years old. King Charles will take the British throne after Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away today at 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The royal passed away in front of her family, who were called to the castle on Thursday after family doctors voiced concerns about the monarch's health.

ACCORDING TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE, Elizabeth II had been experiencing "episodic movement issues" since late last year. She had also cut back on her public appearances; on some occasions, Charles and his eldest son Prince William—who would soon take the British throne—represented her at engagements.

The longest reign in British history was that of Elizabeth II, who took the throne from her father, King George VI when she was just 25 years old. She surpassed Queen Victoria (1819–1901), who ruled for 63 years in 2015.

Elizabeth II was the head of state of 14 Commonwealth nations (the British Commonwealth, which includes former colonies) in addition to the United Kingdom, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and countries in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

The monarchy of the Queen was constitutional. This indicates that even though she served as the head of state, the position only had symbolic and ceremonial authority, and the heir to the throne must maintain political neutrality.

Who was Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II dies at 96 Years Old

Born in London on April 21, 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. She was the first of two daughters born to the Duke and Duchess of York at the time, Albert Frederick Arthur George and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

His grandfather George V, the first member of the Windsor family to be crowned, was in power when he was born. Behind her father and her uncle Edward, Elizabeth was third in line for the throne.

Elizabeth and Margareth, the couple's two daughters, had a traditional education at home with the aid of tutors.

Elizabeth's grandfather, George V, passed away in 1936 when she was only eight. Less than a year later, her first-in-line uncle King Edward VIII abdicated the monarchy to wed American socialite Wallis Simpson. His choice resulted in the coronation of Elizabeth's father.

The couple's story is depicted in the 2011 Madonna-written and directed film "WE."

George VI was king from 1936 until his death from lung cancer in 1952. He was a stutterer and smoked most of his life because, at the time, his speech impairment was treated by smoking. The British remember him for speaking out on the radio when Nazi Germany attacked the country during World War II.

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The King's Speech, a 2010 motion picture, tells the story of George VI's association with Lionel Logue, a speech therapist who helped the monarch get over his stammer and give the speeches that made him famous. Four Oscars were presented for the movie.

The Royal Family

Elizabeth II dies at 96 Years Old

The Queen had previously given birth to two of their four children—Charles in 1948 and Anne in 1950—and had been married to Prince Philip Mountbatten (1921–2021), the son of Prince Andrew of Greece, for almost five years at the time. Andrew and the youngest, Edward, were born ten years after Andrew.

The new Queen was not crowned until June 2, 1953, when the royal family moved into Buckingham Palace in the heart of London. The Duke of Edinburgh title was then bestowed upon Prince Philip.

The family has expanded significantly since then. Peter Philips, the couple's first child, and the Queen's first grandson were born in 1977 after Princess Anne wed Mark Anthony in 1973. Zara, Anne's daughter, was Elizabeth's first grandchild, born in 1981.

Charles wed Lady Diana, who was given the title of Princess of Wales, in the same year. The couple's second child, Harry, was born in 1984 after she gave birth to Prince William, who is second in line of succession.

Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96. The world mourns her death. He will live for his actions. May God forgive him.

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